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Party dudes & divas package one- $595.00

Package information: For birthday parties, christenings, Holy communions and corporate events

kes musicnote girlPrice: $595.00
kes-musicnote-boy-2Time: 2 hours
kes musicnote girlUp to 25 guests including party child
kes-musicnote-boy-2Suits ages 1-7 years old
kes musicnote girlOne party host from Kids Entertainment Sydney
kes-musicnote-boy-2One disco/karaoke entertainer from Bop till you Drop

Package one includes

kes-musicnote-boy-2Bop till you Drop entertainer for all the dancing, karaoke, singing and musical games
kes musicnote girlParty child will receive a special gift to be the star for the day plus they get to keep it (if it is a christening the child is too young for this)
kes-musicnote-boy-2Disco/karaoke with a powerful PA system, disco lights and karaoke microphones
kes musicnote girlMusic including up to date hits from the top 40 list and age-appropriate favourite hits
kes-musicnote-boy-2Dancing allowing the kids to show off their freestyle moves!
kes musicnote girlGames on the day will include limbo, musical statues and more!
kes-musicnote-boy-2Pass the parcel - with each layer having a prize with the end big prize suiting the party child
kes musicnote girlIf it is a birthday our entertainers will even stay to sing happy birthday and will help the birthday child cut the cake!

kes-musicnote-boy-2Face painting for all the children
kes musicnote girlBalloon twisting with an interactive show- Every child gets a balloon to take home

Kids Entertainment Sydney has now teamed up with the well known disco and karaoke entertainers- Bop till you Drop. We will bring to you a unique party package with non-stop fun! We specialise in entertainment, music, dancing, games, and pampering and aim to take the hassle out of the party for parents and guests. Our package will give you an unforgettable party at a great price with so much included. By booking this package you are not only saving yourself $$$ off the individual pricing but you will get a cohesive and well organised party. You get TWO entertainers for two hours of non-stop fun for any event or birthday party. Mums and dads, all you have to do is provide the food. Our entertainers will take care of the rest making sure your little ones are entertained, busy and having fun at all times. Our entertainers will get the party started with some funky dancing and musical games. During this time each child will also get their diva treat or dude treat. Then for a short refuel break before getting back into the non-stop party, dance and singing! After this some pass the parcel fun or dance off with prizes in every layer will be played! Your party girl will be the star of the show with games, treats and prizes tailored to your party girl's age group. Our package options will suit all ages so don't worry if you have a large range of ages.

Tips for a successful set up

kes musicnote girlParties can be indoors or outdoors (outdoor areas must be covered out of the heat and wind for the products and entertainer)

kes-musicnote-boy-2Table space is needed approx 80*80cm, dining table height, with two chairs for face painting

kes musicnote girlTable space is needed approx 80*80cm, for the disco entertainers equipment

kes-musicnote-boy-2Power supply is required. We will bring an extension cord so only a power point relatively close is required

kes musicnote girlParking close by for disco entertainer as equipment is heavy, if you live in a unit please consider the logistics of her parking space

kes-musicnote-boy-2Please consider in the colder months that the entertainers are not subjected to very cold weather or rain outdoors

Character choice

Extras you can add on- when you are filling out the booking you have these options to choose

kes musicnote girlGoodie boxes or lolly bags starting from only $2.00- for a all the children to take home full of party favours and lollies.
kes-musicnote-boy-2A Polaroid picture of themselves having some party fun to take home and show off to their parents and friends. $2.00 each.

Goodie boxes


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    • For a successful party we have outlined the best set up and the equipment required for all the fun. To see our party tips click here.
    • FREE travel applies for most suburbs. Some will incur a small fee.
    • Please read our terms and conditions before booking an entertainment package.
    • Please read our FAQs page if you are unsure of anything.
    • Please note parents, this is a unisex party however the party will be aimed more towards the party girl but rest assured boys will not feel out of place.
    • Please keep in mind 25 children is manageable for the two party hosts. If you have more than 25 kids please call 1300 544 403 to discuss prices.
    • Please note that you may only book these packages through us. To book a Bop Till You Drop party separately please visit their website www.boptillyoudrop.com.au
    • The entertainer from Kids Entertainment Sydney will arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the party to set up and get ready.
    • Bop Till You Drop entertainer will arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to the party to set up and get ready.
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