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$7.00 Shiny Goodie Boxshiny goodie box


Packed into a stylish gift box:


pinkstar Nail polish 1 x - assorted colours
pinkstar Funky note pad 1 x – assorted colours and designs
pinkstar Wet shinny look lip-gloss 1 x – assorted colours
pinkstar Tattoo's 1 x – assorted designs
pinkstar Thong key chain 1 x – assorted colours
pinkstar Fashion ring 1 x – assorted colours and designs.


*Please note that items often come in and out of stock. If an item is not in stock we will replace it with another item of equal value. If an item has to be replaced you will be contacted, or alternatively if you have a query you can call us on 1300 544 403.



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